UK City Series Event 2 - Manchester



The second workout competition in our Autumn/Winter 2018 UK CITY SERIES is also our first UK event outside of London.  This mixed team event is going to be held at one of CrossFit 3D in Manchester.  This will be a typical Turf Games workout - think yokes, assault bikes, bars, ropes, wall balls, sleds - all the fun stuff (n.b There will be no heavy Olympic lifting or gymnastic style movements).  This event is a MIXED team competition of 5 Athletes - maximum 3 guys per team - you can have any combination as long as you do not exceed three males.  Each Athlete in the winning team will receive FREE entry to the Turf Games Winter Festival on 9th February in West London + other sponsors prizes.

  • £180 per team - equates to £36 per athlete
  • Winning team gets FREE entry to Winter Festival 
  • Date - Saturday 3rd November
  • Location - CrossFit 3D, Manchester
  • Time - 12pm until 530pm
  • Teams - 5 Athletes with a maximum 3 guys
  • Tickets are non refundable