UK City Series Event 1 - Mixed Team Entry



The first workout competition in our Autumn/Winter 2018 UK CITY SERIES is going to be hosted at Europe's first CrossFit Box - CrossFit London in Bethnal Green.  This will be a typical Turf Games workout - think yokes, assault bikes, bars, ropes, wall balls, sleds - all the fun stuff (n.b There will be no heavy Olympic lifting or gymnastic style movements).  This event is a MIXED team competition of 5 Athletes - maximum 3 guys per team.  Each Athlete in the winning team will receive FREE entry to the Turf Games Winter Festival on 9th February in West London.

  • CrossFit London - Arch 31, 150 Buckhurst St, E1 5QT
  • £180 per team - equates to £36 per athlete
  • Date - Saturday 22nd September
  • Time - 1230pm until 530pm
  • Teams - 5 Athletes with a maximum 3 guys
  • All athletes will receive a complimentary Turf Games tee/tank
  • Tickets are non refundable