Tfench 2 (or 4 man) Man worm



During our Dubai events we will be using Tfench 2 man worms. Tfench bags are the best in the game - the zip and velcro quality is unrivalled.  The worms are super rigid, so no floppy sand bags over your shoulder.

We have 5 x 2 man worms to sell.  If you would like a 4 man worm we can also make these - please email us if you would like to look at a 4 man worm. Please note there will not be Turf Games branding on the bags - only Tfench. The worms you purchase will have new skins with only Tfench branding and will be brand new out of the factory.

We will be selling the worms post the Max & Aegle Team event. Each 2 man worm will contain the below.  If you would like a 4 man worm it will be 4 internal bags and 3 fillers plus a new 4 man skin -

  • Two prefilled inner sand bags + 1 spacer. One filled at 20kg, one filled at 30kg
  • Brand new skin (these will not have been used and will be shipped direct to Dubai) 
  • Length 150cm, inner bags 60cm, spacer 30cm.
  • These are to be collected from Max & Aegle either, between 530pm and 7pm 5th November or during M&A gym open hours on 6th or 7th November