Summer '19 EVERYDAY ATHLETE Division



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15th June 2019 - Immerse yourself in UK's leading team based functional fitness competition.  The 2019 Turf Games Summer Fitness Festival is going to be BIG.  With a summer fun competition vibe, the day will see you competing against other athletes in the EVERYDAY ATHLETE category at Rosslyn Park, SW15 London.  Run, lift, flip, jump & row your way to be crowned London's fittest Everyday Athlete team.  Each team will compete in a minimum of 3 arenas and if you put in the big yards, you will go through to the final.  All teams have 5 athletes.   The event will run from 8am until 6pm on Saturday 15th June 2019 - followed by a big party.

  • Summer Festival is 8am - 6pm on Saturday 15th June 2019
  • The event will be outdoors on a 4G field
  • Teams that make the EVERYDAY FINALS will compete for sponsors prizes
  • Men's teams have 5 male athletes
  • Women's teams will have 5 female athletes
  • Mixed teams MUST be 3 males and 2 females
  • All team entry tickets are non refundable
  • You can substitute athletes in your team up until the day before the competition
  • Lots more details, competitions and training sessions coming soon