Summer '19 ELITE ATHLETE Division



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June 14th/15th - Immerse yourself in UK's leading team based functional fitness competition.  The 2019 Turf Games Summer Fitness Festival is going to be BIG.  With a summer fun competition vibe, the event will see you competing against other athletes in the ELITE ATHLETE category at Rosslyn Park, SW15 London for some big prizes and also bragging rights.  Get your team together and start training so you can be crowned London's fittest ELITE ATHLETE team.  Each team will compete in a minimum of 4 workouts and if you put in the big yards, you will go through to the finals.  All teams have 5 athletes.   

Elite teams will compete in a minimum of one workout on Friday night the 14th June from 530pm, with the remainder of workouts on Saturday the 15th June

The event will run from 8am until 7pm on Saturday 15th June 2019 - followed by a big party.

  • Elite Summer Festival competition is 6pm-9pm 14th June and  8am - 7pm on Saturday 15th June 2019
  • The event will be outdoors on a 4G field
  • Teams that make the ELITE FINALS will compete for prizes and cash
  • Men's teams have 5 male athletes
  • Women's teams will have 5 female athletes
  • Mixed teams MUST be 3 males and 2 females
  • All team entry tickets are non refundable
  • You can substitute athletes in your team up until the day before the competition
  • Lots more details, competitions and training sessions coming soon