13th March 2020: The TURF GAMES INTERNATIONAL CITY SERIES IS BACK! This time - we head to our 4th International City - DUBAI!

The FREE AGENT was formed as we know not everyone can get a team together, but that shouldn't mean you can't be part of the action. You enter as an individual, and we will put you in a team.  We will form teams made up of other Free Agents, or if a team needs an athlete, we will link you with them.

To go on this list is FREE. Should we form a Free Agent team with you, the cost will be £36

For more infomation on the Dubai week, click HERE

  • Friday 13th March 2020
  • Location - Alioth Fitness, 11 23 Street, Dubai
  • Times - Athletes arrive from 8.00am for a 9.00am start with finals from 3pm
  • Teams - 5 Athletes with a maximum 3 guys
  • Free Agent spot is FREE, should we place you in a team, the cost is £36 
  • After Party Friday 13th evening
  • Tickets are non refundable

*please note start and finish times may fluctuate by up to 60 minutes.