Training Day - FORT Training - January '24



Thursday January 11th - Join us for a skills and coaching session followed by a team based workout at Fort Training hosted by Turf Games ambassadors James Pook and Becs Sandwith.

This session will begin with a barbell skills session - teaching you the basics of moving a barbell and get you more confident picking up weight across various lifts.  We will then move into a team based sweat.

Come with your team, with a mate or by yourself. This is open to anyone, not just people who have signed up to a Turf Games competition, but to anybody who is keen to experience the Turf Games style of training - whether it is your first time or your tenth.

The session is suitable for individuals of all fitness abilities. The workout will be in teams; if you come on your own we will add you to a team on the day. The session will focus on a key coaching area followed by a workout with a similar structure to a Turf Games competition workout - ergs, DB's, teamwork etc.

  • Thursday 11th January
  • arrive from 6pm for a 6.15pm start
  • Location: FORT, 8 Farrell Court, Elephant Road, London, SE17 1LB
  • Bring your own water and a towel, if needed
  • The session will finish at 8pm
  • Open to guys and girls of all different levels of fitness
  • Tickets are non refundable