4 Week Training Program with Fred Silcock



 If you fancy something a little different from your current training style and want to be pushed outside your comfort zone, then get involved and download this 4 week program.

THEME: Functional Hypertrophy and High Intensity training.
FORMAT: 4 week program with 4 day split; Full body, Lower, Upper & Conditioning.

SYNOPSIS: The aim of this program is to help participants become more mobile, whilst building a seriously functional frame aimed at performing at high intensity. Each week builds upon the previous one in which we’ve used a variety of tools to increase intensity over the course of the program, culminating in a brutal week 4! There are also plenty of well thought out exercise progressions & mobility drills along the way to keep the body guessing & ensure progressive overload. Not for beginners but exercises should be suitable for any intermediate and advanced gym goers.
The workouts on each day are designed to take between 40 - 60 minutes.


- The program is run through the ' True Coach' platform, accessible both online & through their mobile app. Every exercise in the program has an attached video showing how to execute each movement.
- You will receive an email each morning with the workout as well as be able to access everything on your mobile through the new & very user friendly 'TrueCoach' app. 
- Load intensity and carefully thought out movement progressions
- Designed by one of London's leading PT's and 4 x Turf Games athlete
- Access to Fred Silcock and Turf Games with any questions or further tips
-- Money back after 30 days if you aren't 100% happy with the program-- 

Maximise your training performance so you are Turf Games ready, or just improve your overall enjoyment of training!
Once purchased, we will be in contact to ask participants their preferred 'start date' for the program. Once we hear from you we will invite you to the True Coach App to create a profile and familiarize yourself with the program."