Turf Games Winter Festival 2019



Want to know what to expect? Check out our Summer Festival Video HERE


The countdown is ON!  Not long to go now till the eagerly anticipated Turf Games Winter Festival.  80 teams going  head to head in an epic battle to be crowned the Fittest Team.  We have a phenomenal cross section of the London and UK fitness scene coming to compete - it's going to be one hell of a show.


Here is all you need to know.



WHERE - location and dates

Saturday 9th February

The 2019 London Winter festival Turf Games will take place at Brunel University Kingston Ln, London, Uxbridge UB8 3PH in West London on Saturday 9th February. It's a 25 minute work from Uxbridge Tube Station. The facility is an indoor track with a strength and conditioning setup as well - no need to worry about the cold or wet. Although, there will be one workout based outside which will involve running :)


There is parking a Brunel if you are driving.  Head to our FAQs to find out how to get there.


  • Team Captains to arrive by 730am for registration 
  • ALL athletes to have arrived by 8.00am. 
  • Spectators can enter at 8.50am.  We will have a coffee car outside the venue which will be serving from 8am 
  • Workout briefing (captains only) at 820am. 
  • First workout at 930am.  Heats will be finished at 130pm and then finals.
  • Podiums 520pm.


The Teams...

Elite Athletes + Everyday Athletes.  All athletes will be doing the same workouts, same as the Summer festival - however, post all the workouts in the 'rounds'  there will be separate finals for each category.  See below for how it will work.

MEN's teams have 5 athletes - 20 Teams
WOMEN's teams have 5 athletes - 20 teams
MIXED GENDER - 5 athletes per team, made up of maximum 3 guys and minimum 2 girls - 40 teams

Registering your team

Captains will need to register your team on the Turf GamesTeam Aretas Website - HERE.  Once you have registered yourself, then set your team up - you will need to then invite your 4 other team members.  Your team will need to be set up no later than 15th January.  This registration is linked to the online waiver - unless ALL 5 team members have filled in you will not be able to compete.  


As mentioned above, all teams and athletes will compete in the same workouts across the 'rounds or heats' - same as the Summer Festival.  After these workouts the top 8 men's & women's & mixed will go through to the ELITE SEMI FINALS - where there will be a knockout semi final and then the top 4 teams go through to the FINAL. Once we reach the elite semi final stage, the weights and intensity will go up a few notches.  This category across men's, women's and mixed will have prizes across the division.

Everyday Athlete Plate Finals - Once the elite finals teams have been determined, the next 6 teams in the men's and women's division and next 8 teams in the mixed, so using the above example, teams that placed 9th, 10th, 11th ,12th,13th or 14th  in the rounds/heats  - will go through to the men's, women's Plate Final to win and receive sponsors prizes + medals.  (mixed will be teams that finish 9th to 16th competing for Plate Final Prize.

The Workout...

The workout format will all be revealed closer to the time - but in true Turf Games style - strategy, engine, power and mental strength will be the theme!

Each team will complete in MINIMUM 4 workouts over the day.  Each workout will be no longer than 10 minutes.  You will have approximately 40 minutes between workouts.  1 workout will be based outside and will be a cardio based workout, 1 workout you will divide your team (and conquer) and will have two scores, and two workouts you will do as a team inside.


  • There will be no Oly lifting or gymnastic movements in either elite or everyday category finals
  • ALL athletes across categories will do identical workouts with the same weights etc in the 'rounds/heat' stages of the competition.  In the Elite category - once we reach the semi finals and final, the intensity/weight will increase.  The Everyday finals level will stay the same.
  • The Everyday category is designed to allow those teams who want to compete and be part of the Turf Games community, the opportunity to also win some prizes.


    At the start of the day, captains will be given their scoresheet as well as their schedule of workouts - where and when you need to be somewhere.  It is the Captains responsibility to give their scoresheet to the judge on the workout station they are at and ensure this is accurately filled in post workout.  Once completed, it is then the captains responsibility to take this to the scoring station and have the scores registered.   Team Aretas will be providing live scoring throughout the day so you will be able to see what you need to do to make the finals.

    The scoring system will be lowest points go through to the finals i.e. If you come 1st in a workout, you will get 1 point

    Types of exercises...

    Our equipment sponsors for the event are BLK BOXConcept2, Torque Tank + Compete Force - we only use the best equipment that people train and use day in, day out

    All exercises throughout the day will be movements that anybody who has been to a gym or played sport will be able to do - just the fun stuff – there will be NO gymnastic or Olympic weightlifting style movements. If the movement involves weight, it will be scaled so that all attending will be able to lift/move it – the stronger you are will just mean you will do more reps or complete the movement faster. Movements can include, as an example:

    - Barbell/dumbbell holds
    - Assault bikes
    - Concept 2 Ski/Bike Ergs and Rowing machines
    - Barbell work – deadlifts/shoulder press etc
    - Dumbell snatches/Dumbell lunges
    - Box jumps
    - Burpees/air squats/sit ups/push ups
    - Running
    - Prowler push/pull
    - Farmers walks
    - Deadballs
    - Wall balls
    - Rope climbs
    - Sand bags carrys and so on...



    ALL Male, Female and Mixed teams are SOLD OUT.  We do have 1 male and 1 female 'Free Agent' spots available. Click HERE for info 


    Come along and support the athletes as they compete and have a great day in our festival village.  Spectator tickets will be £6 and will be available to purchase very soon - numbers will be limited - BUY HERE


    We are looking for volunteers to help out with registrations and general admin on the day as well as judges for the workouts.  We will need 40 judges and 15 other crew.  All judges/crew will get a free Turf Games tee, as well as food and drink during the day.  Keen to be involved - fill your details in HERE