Athlete Information


The TURF GAMES Summer Festival on June 9th at Rosslyn Park is shaping up to be an unreal day of workouts and festivities.  The day is about you, the athletes - whether you are competing to have fun with your friends or push yourself and those around you to another level and be crowned the winners - one thing is for sure - it will be a fun day.  Here is all you need to know about the competition.

YOUR CAPTAINS WILL RECEIVE THE WAIVER FORM and they will email on to their team.  Please either fill in and email back to or bring completed with you on Saturday morning.


  • To find out where YOUR team will be working out and at what time, MEN'S HERE, WOMEN'S HERE, MIXED HERE
  • To see what all the workouts are for each Arena, click HERE
  • To see the timings of the semi finals and finals scroll down
  • For FAQs click HERE

What you can & can't wear

In terms of 'support' equipment, athletes can wear the following - 

  • knee bands/sleeves and elbow bands
  • wrist straps
  • please bring your own chalk - this will not be provided by arenas

Athletes will NOT be able to wear any type of pull-up grips that cover the palm of the hand.  if you have any questions about anything else or aren't clear do drop an email.


Your team will have 5 athletes.  There are NO substitutes allowed once you have started your first workout.  Leading up to the 9th and until you start your first round, you may change the make up of your team.  However, the person competing must complete a waiver form before competing.  

Mixed Gender teams - 5 athletes, maximum of 3 males per team.

Men's - 5 male athletes per team

Women's - 5 female athletes per team


There will be 5 arenas.  Each team will compete in 3 of them.  You will either do arena's 1, 2 and 3 or 3, 4 and 5.  This means that each category will be split into two 'pools'.   

  1. Gymbox
  2. Farm Fitness
  3. Core Collective
  4. KXU
  5. Third Space

Workout times and structure

In the table above - 

The orange columns are the Mixed Gender Team round timings

The pink columns are the Women's Team round timings

The blue columns are the Men's Team round timings

Each Arena will have 3 measurable workout stations. You will work through each station during your time in the arena. Each station you will have 5 people competing. Each station will be 5 minutes of effort, followed by 3 minutes of rest - so you will be in each Arena for 21 minutes.

You will have between 1 - 1.5 hours rest between Arena's  - so plenty of time refresh before you go again.

Round 1 and the The first workout block will start at 930am and finish at 1120am.  Round 2 will start at 1150am and finish at 140pm. Round 3 will start at 2pm and finish at 1550pm.    If you workout at 930am which is round 1, your next workout will be 1150am, which will be round 2, and then your round 3 workout will be at 2pm.


Men and Women Categories - each team will compete in 3 rounds with the top 4 teams from each Pool going through to the semi-final.  The categories will be split into two Pools according to which Arena's you work out in.  The top two teams from each Pool after the semi final will go through to the Final.  The Semi-Final structure will be the team that finishes 1st in Pool A will go head to head against the team that finishes 4th in Pool A.  The team that finishes 2nd in Pool A will go head to head with the team that finishes 3rd in Pool A (Same structure for Pool B). 

The Semi Finals will be one 6 min workout where both teams will be on the same 'station'.

The winners of each head to head semi, will go to the final which will be a 10-12 workout - up and down the entire length of the field.

Mixed team category - each team will compete in 3 rounds.  The top 16 teams will go through to a semi final - this means the top 8 from each pool.  The top 4 then onto the final.  

What to bring

Every athlete will receive an athlete goodie bag which will include a load of goodies including drinks and snacks and also a 1/2 price food token for the Fresh Fitness Foood BBQ and also a token for a 1/2 price protein shake or drink.  There will be water at the ground but please bring your own bottle as well.  It would be advisible to bring a change of clothes, sweat towel, hat, sunscreen.  We advise that you stay hydrated throughout the day drinking plenty of water

There will be loads of food and drink options on the day - check out what else will be going on HERE

What to wear

The turf at Rosslyn Park is 3G artificial grass - this means no dirt, no holes, no mud.  In terms of footwear you can wear normal trainers, football/rugby boots with studs, lifting shoes etc.  Whatever you feel comfortable in to lift, push, run and climb.  You can change shoes in between stations although this isn't advisible as the clock won't stop.  For clothing, we recommend a comfortable tee or tank, sports bra for the girls and shorts/leggings.  

Bag/Cloak Room

We will be providing a bag/cloak room where you can leave your bag.  We assume most of you will keep you bag with you given the transition between workouts and chilling out in the village.  While you are competing there will be a spot in each arena to leave your bag as well

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.