Turf Games Summer Festival Info

One day, five arenas, 350+ athletes, DJ, Bar, BBQ, 700+ spectators


WHAT are the Turf Games?

We believe that team based competition brings out the best in everyone. The Turf Games is London’s first functional fitness and TEAM based immersive competition, where guys and girls across all levels of fitness can lift, run, flip, press and jump to try and outdo the competition. 

What is it exactly? Think about the exercises you might do at the gym or a fitness studio - add some competition, some team mates, turn the intensity up a notch and get ready to have one of your best days working out you have ever had.

The Turf Games Summer Festival will not just be about the arena's. There will be loads going on around the ground including DJ, BBQ, drinks, protein shakes, exhibitors selling clothing and other products - plus ways to test your fitness on the side with various individial comps.

WHY be involved?

Test yourself against your peers and channel the athlete within. Remember that time your team came from behind in the finals, with just seconds to win? So do we. Moments like those, shared with your team, are ones you don’t forget easily.

WHERE - location and dates

The 2018 London Turf Games will take place at Rosslyn Park, London SW15. It's a 6 minute work from Barnes Train Station. The ground is one of only a handful of fully compliant 3G pitches in the UK (artificial grass) so it's a great opportunity to compete on a world class pitch!

The 2018 Turf Games will take place Saturday 9th June

The Athlete Turf Games will be held from 9am - 9pm on Saturday 9th June.

The Teams...

Assemble your team 5 athletes. Team options are All Male, All Female or Mixed Teams.

MEN's teams have 5 athletes
WOMEN's teams have 5 athletes
MIXED GENDER - 5 athletes per team, made up of maximum 3 guys and minimum 2 girls

Your team will compete in minimum of 3 arena’s during the heats. If you teamwork makes the dreamwork, you will then go onto compete in the finals.

The Workout...

Each Arena will have 3 measurable workout stations. You will work through each station during your time in the arena. Each station you will have 5 people competing. Each station will be 5 minutes of effort, followed by 3 minutes of rest - so you will be in each Arena for 21 minutes.

You will have between 1 - 1.5 hours rest between Arena's  - so plenty of time refresh before you go again.

Types of exercises...

All exercises throughout the day will be movements that anybody who has been to a gym or played sport will be able to do - just the fun stuff – there will be NO gymnastic or Olympic weightliting style movements. If the movement involves weight, it will be scaled so that all attending will be able to lift/move it – the stronger you are will just mean you will do more reps or complete the movement faster. Movements can include, as an example:

- Barbell/dumbbell holds
- Assault bikes/Ski Ergs/Rowers/Treadmills
- Running
- Barbell work – deadlifts/shoulder press etc
- Dumbell snatches/Dumbell lunges
- Box jumps
- Burpees/air squats/sit ups/push ups
- Tyre Flips
- Prowler push/pull
- Farmers walks
- Deadballs
- Sand bags carrys and so on...

All Athletes Receive...

- Goodie bag with amazing products from core brands and sponsors - worth over £30
- 1 x Beverage token
- 1 x Food/snack token
- All access pass

TICKET PRICE - Get your Team Entry Now! SOLD OUT

To enter an entire team will cost the following - 
- All Male + All Female Team (5 people per team) will cost £250
- Mixed Gender category  – will cost £250


Come along and support the athletes as they compete and have a great day in our festival village.  Click here to get your spectator tickets - TICKETS