19th September 2020 - ROSSLYN PARK LONDON - Immerse yourself in UK's leading team based functional fitness competition.  The 2020 Under Armour Turf Games SUMMER Festival in London is back on.  The event, originally penned for 18-20th June, was postponed due to COVID-19. The new date is Saturday 19th/20th September for the Everyday Athlete Competition.

The 2020 London Summer Festival will see you competing against other athletes in the EVERYDAY ATHLETE division at ROSSLYN PARK, London SW15 5JH.  Each team will compete in a minimum of 4 workouts.  All teams have 5 athletes.   

Once you buy secure your spot, if you have a preference to either a

Men's/Women's - competing on Saturday 19th

Mixed - competing on Sunday 20th

Please email us at And we will try to accommodate, however there is no guarantees we can put you in your desired team - will depend on availability.

NB - The EVERYDAY DIVISION event will run from 830am on 19th September with first workout at 930am and all workouts finished by 5pm and the same time on the Sunday 20th

  • The event will be outdoors
  • There is no subbing of athletes once the comp starts
  • Teams are 5 athletes
  • All team entry tickets are non refundable
  • If the event does not happen on the 19th/20th Sept, you will be eligible for a refund or will be automatically rolled until London Summer Festival 2021
  • You can substitute athletes in your team up until the day before the competition
  • All athletes that attend will be expected to adhere to all social distancing and health guidelines. Please read our COVID-19 preventative measures
  • Stay tuned for more details coming soon

*please note start and finish times may fluctuate by up to 60 minutes.