Winter Festival Athlete Handbook


In order for us to run a smooth Turf Games competition and to maximise the fun that all athletes, spectators and judges have, it is important that you read the below.


  • ALL Captains must be at Brunel University by 730am on 9th February.
  • Team registration closing at 8am.  You will need to check in at the main desk of the Brunel Weighlifting Hall Indoor Track. All other athletes to arrive by 8.00am
  • Athlete briefing will be 820am.  This is to be attended by captains or 1 team member only. 
  • Round 1, Heat 1 begins at 9.34am.  When and where you will be working out will be released very soon.
  • All heat workouts will be finished by 1.45pm.  44 of the 80 teams will make an Elite Semi Final or an Everyday Plate Final.  Podiums will be at 5.20pm


Online Registration

All teams and athletes must register via -  Once the team has been set up ALL 5 athletes must be linked to this team on the site.  Your profile is linked to the online waiver.  If you have not linked to the team and completed the online waiver you will NOT be able to compete. Registration for teams closes on 18th January.

Team Outfit

We encourage ALL teams to wear matching outfits, for three reasons - a) you will look way better on Instagram b) you will compete much harder c) other teams will be scared of you :)

Venue Check In

Check in opens at 8am.  Captains/1 athlete per team may enter the main reception area of the weightlifitng and indoor track building.  Other athletes please wait outside.  We have alot of teams to get checked in on the day so please make it easy for us and arrive on time and help us get everyone through.  Once checked in, we will give you your workout times, score sheet and wrist bands for your other 4 athletes.  You will then walk in to the building via the next door.  If your other athletes haven't arrived yet, then you will need to meet them outside and give them their wrist bands before they are allowed in.  ONLY 1 athlete per team may approach the check in area to check in.

What you Can and Can't wear

In terms of what you can and cant' wear when working out.  

  • Athletes CAN wear - knee and elbow supports, weightlifting belts, chalk, lifting shoes, wrist straps
  • Athletes CAN't wear - over the palm grips, anything that attaches to a bar to aid grip or strength

There is an outdoor running event on the day - will be all on concrete. Might be advisable to bring running shoes or a change or shoes/clothes in case it is raining.

Athlete Welfare

O the day we will have trained first aid staff in attendance.  We will also have Function 360 providing physio treatment.  We know how hard some of you work out and compete, however, Function 360 are not in attendance to be athletes personal physio.  They will provide one treatment per athlete over the day for free and then after that they may charge.  We want to make sure everyone has a super enjoyable day so if you have any concerns or injuries please speak to your judge or one of the TG staff.  If you are feeling light headed or unwell please let someone know as soon as possible so we can ensure you get recovered and can enjoy the day.

Competing Rules

RESPECT THE JUDGES.  The majority of staff have given up there time to come along and make sure the event runs smoothly.  We are determined to make this an incredible day for everyone involved.  Should you have any concerns about the workouts, judging etc on the day, please speak to your judge or master judge in a calm and respectful way.  

If you can listen out for any directions, instructions or timings on the day.  We will provide you where and when you need to be somewhere so please do adhere to the schedule.  If you take any bottles etc into a workout arena, please take it out at the end. Also, please place any rubbish in the bins provided.

We are passionate about making the Turf Games a high standard, competitive but fun event.


Scoring throughout the day will be via a 'Rank' based system i.e. lowest points wins.  So if you come 1st in a workout you will get 1 point, 20th will get 20 points.  ALL teams will compete in 4 workouts throughout the day.  After the 4 workouts, the 8 teams with the lowest scores in men's, women's and mixed, will go through to the Elite Semi Finals.  The next 6 teams in men's and women's and next 8 in mixed, will go through to a Plate Final.  In the Elite Semi Finals, the top 4 place getters will go through to the FINAL.  Points will be reset for the semi finals and finals. 

If for any reason teams are tied on points after the heats, the tie will be broken by a count back system where the team with the highest number of 'better finishers' in the events, will finish higher.  If in the semi finals there is a tie for 4th and 5th a erg based tiebreaker will be implemented.

 Score Sheets

At the start of the day at check-in, your team will be given your score sheet.  On each of your workouts, you are to hand your score sheet to your judge.  The judge will write your score on the sheet at the end of the workout.  Once you are happy with the score, you are to sign next to the score.  Once it has been signed, this means you are happy with the score.  Please do check that the score is right before signing.  If you have any queries on your score, please consult the master judge in the arena before signing.  We can't accept any video footage as a means to change a score that a judge has given

Once you are happy and signed your score sheet, you will need to head over to the scoring room and hand your sheet to our scorers.  They will input into the scoreboard and hand you back your score sheet which you need to store safely until your next workout.

We have a LIVE scoreboard at the event powered by Team Aretas.  It takes around 5 minutes to update scores.  Please note, until ALL teams in your category (i.e. men's, women's etc) have completed the workout, your points are going to fluctuate.

Drug Policy

Turf Games will do everything within its power to run drug free events - we believe in CLEAN SPORT and want to maintain the integrity of functional Fitness.  While we do not have the budget to drug test individuals, athletes who enter the competition have the right to be on a level playing field of all other competitors.  While we can't guarantee this, we would like to think all athletes competing would not 'cheat' their fellow athletes - 'Seek Respect not attention. It lasts longer'

Turf Games prohibits athletes from using any performance enhancing, illegal substances. If it is found that an athlete is under the influence or use of such substances or alcohol, Turf Games reserves the right to DISQUALIFY the athlete  & THEIR TEAM from the competition and/or revoke any prizes earned while under the influence or during the use of such substances.

Strict Liability - The fundamental anti-doping principle of strict liability means that athletes are solely responsible for their conduct, the decisions they make and for any banned substance they use, attempt to use, or that is found in their system, regardless of how it got there and whether or not they had an intention to cheat.

It is therefore important that all athletes conduct themselves within the rules of clean sport and make informed decisions to ensure they train and compete clean, using the anti-doping tools available to them.

You can read more here - UKAD

Food & Drink

There will be food and drink vendors on the day including Fresh Fitness Food who will be doing meat and vegan options, RX Bar, Red Bull and more.  We ask that you do not take any plastic bottles into the workout arena.  If you do take stuff in, please make sure you leave your lane tidy for the next athletes.


There will be prizes for the winning Elite teams as well as trophies for the 3 Plate category winners.  Stay tuned for me

 If you would like to find out more on FAQs, click HERE

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