Los Angeles International City Series

18th - 22nd September 2019: Our 3rd International City Series is locked and loaded - Destination California.

We have teamed up with Santa Monica Studio - AMP Association to bring the Turf Games concept and community to LA.

The Turf Games will take place on Saturday 21st September.  This will be a typical Turf Games format - mixed teams of 5 (3 guys, 2 girls) working through 4 workouts and then the top teams will qualify for the final. 

In terms of movements - think Rogue Echo bikes, ski ergs, rowers, dead balls, running, dead lifts, squats, kettle bells, carries - nothing technical or overly heavy.  The workouts will be designed so that tactics and team work will prevail above all else.


Like the two other International City Series events we have done - New York and Sydney - there will be a build up to the event.  The official Turf Games events will start on Wednesday the 18th mid afternoon and go through to the after party on the 21st (and maybe the recovery brunch on 22nd!).  We will link up with key LA fitness studios and gyms to host workouts including Training Mate (@trainingmate), take on the Santa Monica stairs as well as more.  At this this there is looking like a group of 15-20 coming out from London for the 5 days.

We will also look at doing other activities in the build up to - dinners, sightseeing, Disneyland, surfing, cruising the beach on bikes, a session at muscle beach and Gold's Gym.

In terms of accommodation, there are some great Airbnb options around Venice Beach.  A bunch of the UK athletes are staying not too far from Marina Del Ray in Venice.

If anyone is thinking of coming or would like to know more, please email us at team@turfgames.com with any questions.