In the interest of safety and the global health situation in front of us, the London Summer Festival 2020 has been postponed.  The event was schedule to take place June 18-20 2020 at Rosslyn Park, SW London - with 1,700 athletes locked, loaded and ready to compete. 

We are currently working with the venue and our partners to secure future dates and have some options penciled in – we are 100% committed to putting on the event this year.  However, as we all know, the current time frames are very uncertain and we are awaiting for further clarity from the government on lock-down changes before we announce a new date to avoid having to reschedule again. 

Our number one priority is always the safety of all our athletes, judges, crew and spectators. 

Once we lock in the date for the London Summer Festival 2020, we will work with teams to make sure that it is suitable. Judging by the messages of support we have received, the vast majority of you are still super pumped to compete and be part of the Summer Festival.  If this is you then you don’t need to do anything (except stay healthy and enjoy your workouts :).  When the new date is announced, there will be two options should your team no longer be able to compete – 

  1. You can transfer the team to another person to organise and compete.
  2. You can request for a full refund which will be offered once we announce the new date. If you ask for a refund you will forfeit your spot and this will be offered to the next team on the waiting list.  

*We understand everyone’s situation is different, should you need a refund immediately we will do so without question -  please email us  ( – subject – Summer Festival London query (insert order number)

Please do stick with us during this time and we promise that once this situation is behind us, we will deliver a fitness festival like no other.  In the meantime, get involved in our community by taking part in the HOME GAMES series, checking out our newly launched podcast 'OFF THE TURF', or challenging yourself with our weekly workouts posted on Instagram. 

Turf Games is a functional fitness community - we wouldn't be here without all of you and are grateful for your support so far.

This is a tough time for all, stay safe and we are looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

Thank you, 

Turf Games Team