Dubai... we're coming for you


We are excited to announce that the 4th international Under Armour Turf Games location has been confirmed in Dubai.

We will be partnering with Dubai-based gym CrossFit Alioth for this inaugural Middle East event and can't wait to bring the Under Armour Turf Games concept and community to Dubai.  This is NOT a CrossFit comp - rather a functional fitness event - no Oly Lifting or gymnastic movements - see below for guide on what we do.

We are excited to have Under Armour Middles East as our 'on the ground' partner for the week - @underarmourme

The Under Armour Turf Games will take place on Friday 13th March. It will be a typical Turf Games format - mixed teams of 5 (3 guys, 2 girls) working through 4 workouts and then the top teams will qualify for the final.


Monday March 9th, 3.30pm - The Project DXB (@theprojectdxb)

Tuesday March 10th, 3.30pm - Base3 (@base3dxb)

Wednesday March 11th, 11am - The Warehouse Gym (@whgym)

Thursday 12th, 10am - Secret Beach, Jumeriah hosted by The Den Dxb (@theden_dxb)

We will also be looking to book a sunset boat cruise, water parks and dune buggying, amongst the other fun things Dubai has to offer.


The Under Armour Turf Games prides itself on being the most inclusive functional fitness community and competition in the world. The workout format will all be revealed closer to the time - but in true Turf Games style - tactics, teamwork, engine, power and mental strength will be the theme!

In terms of movements - think assault bikes, ski ergs, rowers, dead balls, running, dead lifts, squats, kettle bells, carries - nothing technical or overly heavy.


There will be no Oly lifting or gymnastic movements in any of the workouts. Below is an example of what to expect - 

  • Barbell/dumbbell holds
  • Assault bikes
  • Concept 2 Ski/Bike Ergs and Rowing machines
  • Barbell work – deadlifts, squats
  • Dumbbell snatches/Dumbell lunges
  • Box jumps
  • Burpees/air squats/sit ups/push ups
  • Running
  • Prowler push/pull
  • Farmers walks
  • Deadballs
  • Wall balls
  • Rope climbs (finals only)
  • Sand bags carrys
  • LOTS OF TEAMWORK + TACTICS and so on...

Please see below for a guidance on what you should be able to do in order to take part - (this is a guide only and all weights are female/male)

DB Snatch - 12.5kg/20kg

Dead Ball Carry or 4 reps to shoulder - 30kg/50kg

Barbell Shoulder Press for 10 reps - 25kg/40kg

Deadlift for 10 reps- 50kg/80kg

If you can do the above you are well on your way to being able to compete at the UATG Dubai competition - now all you need to do is think of a cool team name and enter your team once entry goes live.


The Under Armour Turf Games Dubai City series is a mixed teams (5 athletes per team) event that will be held at CrossFit Alioth, here are the key details:

Location - CROSSFIT ALIOTH, 11 23 Street, Dubai

Date - Friday 13th March 2020

Times - Athletes arrive from 8.00am for a 9.15am start with finals from 3.15pm

Cost - Team entry is £180 / approx 860 AED

*Please note the purchase price will be in GBP, and the AED will be the approximate price based on the exchange rate at the time.


The winning team will win -

  • £1,000 cash
  • Free Entry to the London or Australia Summer Festival 2020
  • Sponsors prizes


This event is open to anyone who wants to enter a team - both experienced Turf Games competitors and rookies from anywhere in the world.  If you are from the UK, Sydney, LA, NYC, the UAE or beyond, we would love to see you in Dubai for a week of amazing fitness culminating in an epic Under Armour Turf Games competition (oh, and then the After Party :)

Super keen to join us in Dubai but don't have a team, we have launched DUBAI FREE AGENT.  It is £0 to register and we will put people who want to come over in teams.




This is a 'one category' competition. All athletes will be doing the same workouts during the 4 workout rounds (plus sideshow alley), same format as our London Winter Festival 2019 and Sydney 2019. However, post all the workouts in the 'rounds'  the top four  teams will proceed to a winner takes all final.

In the FINAL (top 4 teams), the weights and intensity will go up a few notches.


Like our other international events - Sydney and Los Angeles - there will be a build up to the event. The official Under Armour Turf Games events will start on Monday 9th and go through to the event after party on the 13th (and maybe the recovery brunch on the 14th). We will link up with key Dubai fitness studios and gyms to host workouts throughout the week which you can be a part of plus check out the sights and the best of what Dubai has to offer.

Below are the confirmed training sessions - 

Monday March 9th, 3.30pm - The Project DXB (@theprojectdxb)

Tuesday March 10th, 330pm - Base3 (@base3dxb)

Wednesday March 11th, 11am - The Warehouse Gym (@whgym)

Thursday 12th, 10am - Secret Beach, Jumeriah

Friday - 13th March - GAME DAY @ CrossFit Alioth then AFTER PARTY

Watch the below videos to see what we got up to in Sydney




If you are interested in coming to Dubai and would like to know more about the Turf Games crew travel plans and where we will be staying please email us at with any questions and we will be happy to chat with you.



Dubai we can't wait to see you